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In addition to providing first class carpentry and design services, Bien Hecho Brooklyn is also the proud home of the Bien Hecho Academy.  Spearheaded by John Randall in collaboration with Tim Dowse of Third Ward, the Bien Hecho Academy is a series of grand new woodworking courses that not only offer a solid education in the fundamentals of woodworking, but also provide insight into the complete process of creating fine furniture, from tree all the way to the last coat of finish.

Hand Tools Workshop

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Hand Tools Workshop


Learn all about the use and care of woodworking hand tools. 

All students will receive the following materials to work with and take home:

  • Block Plane
  • Dovetail Saw
  • 2 Chisels
  • Waterstone
  • Saw File

With these tools, you'll learn the care and maintenance of a bevel edge, toothed edge, and hooked edge. You'll learn how to optimize use for each of these tools and the basics of tooling and materiality. These core basics can be applied to an array of other woodworking tools, kitchen knives, and any other edges. Students come away with a knowledge of what materials to use for certain projects, how to get the most of your tools, and how to resolve issues when tools aren't working well. 

This workshop will be held over the course of three consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Date: TBD
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Bien Hecho Academy, Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Instructor: Matt Granick

Map, directions, and other information will be provided upon sign up.

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